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  . The Process When Selling Jewelry At Our Facility

1) All your items are tested in front of you. We believe that transparency during the entire process allows our customers to feel comfortable. 

2) Your items are then separarted by Karat, so you get paid the highest amount  based on the actual gold content of each item.

3) We then weigh your items on our state certified scales and pay you cash on the spot.

4) We will also remove and return to you any stones that you do not wish to sell to us or we will make an offer to buy them. 

Karat is a unit of measurement used to determine the purity of gold alloys. It is denoted by the symbol kt. In the United States and Canada, karat is used, while carat denoted by the symbol ct. is used to refer to the measure of mass for gemstones.

In determining the purity of gold alloys, Karat means a proportion by weight of one part in twenty four or 41.66 parts per 1000. This means that the higher the carat value, the higher the proportion of gold in relation to the base metal content. Pure gold is 24 Karat. In the United
States the least measure of Karat that can be lawfully sold is 10k.
Simply put, the higher the Karat, then the higher the gold content and therefore higher monetary payouts for your jewelry items.

     See Karat Value and Gold Content Below:

                              10k - 41.7% Gold Content
                              14k - 58.5% Gold Content 
                              18k - 75% Gold Content
                              21k - 87.5% Gold Content 
                              22k - 91.7 Gold Content
                              24k - 100% gold Content

Gold contains one or more alloys. These are metals such as copper, silver, or palladium which are mixed with pure gold. The use of copper gives a reddish tint to the gold. Alloying gold with nickel or palladium subdues the bright yellow color to create "white gold." Since gold is a soft, easily shaped element, adding harder metals makes gold jewelry and pieces more durable


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  Why WORLD JEWELRY & COINS Can Pay Top Dollar Payouts: 
1) We have a 25 year relationship with our partner refiner.
2) We maintain a low overhead to maximize our payouts to our customers.
3) We are high volume dealers, therefore we receive superior refiner payouts. 

We BuyGold, Silver, Platinum, Coins, Bullion, Diamonds, Precious Gems, Silver Flatware & High End Watches. We also pay a premium for unique or high quality pieces of jewelry.  Call Us today and get what you deserve. 
ALWAYS Paying much more than any local Jewelry Store    -------   Guaranteed.

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